Join us at the 2023 Prosperity Conference on Tuesday, November 14, 2023. RSVP here!

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Venture Jobs Foundation supports and invests in entrepreneurs
and small businesses to foster job creation and prosperity for everyone.


Join us at the 2023 Prosperity Conference!

Calling the Rochester business community!

The 2023 Prosperity Conference is set to take place on Tuesday, November 14, 2023, at the Rochester Riverside Convention Center.

The Prosperity Conference is open to the entire community and brings together small business owners, community leaders and professionals, finance experts, local entrepreneurs, and Rochester residents to network and collaborate.

Our keynote speaker, panel, information sessions, and discussions will focus on accelerating job growth, building community wealth, and fostering inclusive prosperity for everyone.

Helping Small Businesses Scale!

Capital Access for Entrepreneurs (CAFE) is a 9-part workshop series designed for individuals who own and/or manage established small businesses.

This new program was created for entrepreneurs and small business owners seeking to enhance their knowledge and skills in managing business finances.

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The CAFE program is an intermediate-level workshop series that offers insight and hands-on activities to help business owners apply basic financial principles to effectively plan and manage their businesses.

During the 9-part series, participants will learn how to best adapt to challenges as they arise, and position their businesses to gain access to the loans needed to grow and scale.

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Business Sustainability

Learn financial planning concepts and techniques to position your business for sustainability

Lending Insight

Gain insight into what lenders look for in loan applications


Connect with a community of entrepreneurs and advisors for support and networking

Featured Venture Jobs Supported Businesses

We support small business owners & entrepreneurs in Rochester!
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We provide micro-loans and funding to small businesses that foster job creation and create prosperity for everyone.

We offer loans at favorable rates to new and growing businesses in Rochester. We are able to provide loans when funding might not otherwise be available by recognizing the character of the business owner and assisting with their applications and business plans.

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Attend the 2023 Prosperity Conference! 

The Prosperity Conference brings together business leaders and professionals, finance experts, economists, entrepreneurs, and local residents to network and collaborate. Our keynote speakers, workshops, and discussions focus on accelerating job growth, building community wealth, and fostering prosperity for everyone.


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