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Capital Access for Entrepreneurs

Capital Access for Entrepreneurs (CAFE) is designed for entrepreneurs and small business owners seeking to enhance their knowledge and skills in managing business finances.


CAFE offers a 10-part workshop series designed for those who own and/or manage established small business enterprises.

Capital Access for Entrepreneurs (CAFE) is an intermediate-level workshop series that focuses on how to apply basic financial principles to effectively plan and manage your business, adapt to challenges as they arise, and position your business to gain access to the loans needed to enable growth.

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Here's a bit of what you'll learn in our CAFE program.
Our curriculum includes hands-on learning opportunities that will help you manage your business finances and position your business to grow, scale, and receive loan funding.

Business Sustainability

Learn financial planning concepts and techniques to position your business for sustainability

Lending Insight

Gain insight into what lenders look for in loan applications


Connect with a community of entrepreneurs and advisors for support and networking

Financial Stability

Take a step toward greater financial stability

Program Learning Objectives

  • Utilize a Business Plan to manage your business over time
  • Apply financial forecasting principles to explore new scenarios and guide your business decisions
  • Understand the basics of financial statements and their use in monitoring business performance and cash plans
  • Prepare and present the information necessary to attract lenders or funders
  • Leverage advisors and peer support to increase business success

Program Eligibility Requirements

  • Entrepreneurs and small business owners seeking to further develop their financial planning and business management skills
  • Individuals who own or manage an established small business (~1+ years of operation) and/or have previously completed a foundational business start-up accelerator program
  • Individuals who have a basic understanding of business planning and cash flow

Take a look at our
CAFE Session Roadmap

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CAFE Program Session Roadmap

Capital Access for Entrepreneurs is a 10-part series where you'll learn financial planning concepts and techniques, connect with a community of peers and advisors, and gain the insight and support needed to help your business succeed!


Focus Topic

Session 1
The Role of Your Business Plan
Session 2
Financial Basics
Session 3
Managing Cash Flow
Session 4
Profit, Pricing & Revenue
Session 5
Forecasting Fundamentals
Session 6
Hands-On Scenario: Adjusting to Unplanned Changes
Session 7
Hands-On Scenario: Mobilizing for a Large-Scale Opportunity
Session 8
Managing for Success: The Lender’s Perspective
Session 9
Celebrating Progress & Preparing for the Future

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